Gus has been helping clients experience the American Dream for over 38 years. A trusted and respected Realtor/Manager and Coach he affords his clients the attention they require to accomplish their goals. Well versed in the marketing tools to position his seller clients to optimize their price or uniquely understanding the benefit needs of a buyer, he guides his clients with success. That's why they entrust their real estate needs with him.


Certified instructor for the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People program.
Member of the California and National Association of Realtors.
Former manager and Director of Training and Coaching with First Team Real Estate


Gus began his real estate career in 1976 as a real estate agent in Costa Mesa, California. In those 4 years, he became a top selling agent as well as one of the youngest Sales Managers in the industry with a local broker. In 1980 he joined First Team Real Estate and continued his career as a sales associate. In February of 1985 Gus was given the opportunity to become the Director of Training. His no nonsense approach in helping the students accelerate their comprehension of the business is reflected in their immediate success. In 2002, Gus was appointed interim manager for a First Team office which gave him the opportunity to apply to the office environment what he had taught for years. This led to another appointment in the First Team system. He was appointed sales manager/coach of the San Clemente office, which continued to enjoy number one market share in San Clemente in 2004. In January 2005, Gus returned to the Success Academy and re-appointed Director of Training where he can assist all levels of agent experience with his unique brand of delivering the First Team cultural message like no one else. To contact Gus directly, please e-mail him at gusalba@firstteam.com.